New Canadians

The Working Centre has a long history of working with New Canadians through their job search. While much of the information provided in our Job Search website is the same for New Canadians and Canadian-born job-seekers, there are a number of areas which differ. In this section we will share some insights, links and tools which will be helpful in planning for your job-search.

Through experience we have developed our unique approach of working with new Canadians by focusing on “job-readiness”. We bring to this work a broad concept of job-readiness developed through our understanding of what employers look for when they hire and through our experience with successful job-seekers.

We have divided job-readiness into three broad categories: Communication, Licensing and Credentialing, and Finding Work. Use our Job-Readiness Checklist for Internationally Educated Professionals and the information and links provided in this section of our website to inform and guide the work you do with a Working Centre employment counsellor to build towards your work and life goals.

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