HR Interviews

HR Interviews—or interviews with a Human Resources representative—are designed to predict an applicant’s future behaviour on the job.  Interviewers ask Behavioural Based Questions that invite you to describe examples of past work related behaviours. Behaviour Based Questions are straightforward and open ended. There are no hypothetical or trick questions.

The Interviewer has a structured interview guide with a list of prepared questions designed to measure predetermined skill areas that are critical for the current vacancy.

The interviewer usually rates your answers to determine whether you are suitable for the next step in the hiring process, and during a reference check your answers to questions will be verified.

Sample questions can include:

  • Tell me about a co-worker you had difficulty getting along with, and why.
  • Tell me about the last time you took on a task that was outside your job description.
  • Describe a specific task you found especially difficult to accomplish.
  • Tell me about a time that you were working on something that you felt was important and your supervisor asked you to stop what you were doing and begin working on something else.  What were you working on and what were you asked to do?
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