Developing Your IT Career

Networking & Mentorship

Networking is very important in the IT sector. This website presents a model of a researched job search that can be very effective. Work with your Employment Counsellor to work out a plan to network in a way that works for you.

There are a number of groups that meet in this community which may provide you with an opportunity to network. For example, some of the IT people here at The Working Centre attend groups which discuss Linux and Drupal, helping them to learn new skills and meet others in the sector.  Keep in touch with websites and publications such as Communitech's, and with local business publications such as Exchange Magazine.

A mentor can also be a very important part of your researched job search. The mentor should be well established locally, can provide you with advice on the labour market and information about local opportunities, companies, startups and projects. The mentor can also provide you with helpful advice about where to focus your networking efforts and how to improve your soft skills. There is much to be gained by having a professional mentor and many people who are established in their profession don’t mind giving back.  Included below is a link to the YMCA's Mentorship program for New Canadians.

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