Employer Expectations

You are an experienced, qualified and knowledgeable professional. The Canadian workplace in your profession may look very familiar to the workplace in your home country. The actual day to day work you would complete may be very similar in Canada as it is in your home country. Yet you’re not getting hired after interviews, or you’re finding networking to be a challenge. Maybe you have been let go from your first job in Canada and you’re not sure why.

Employer expectations in Canada may be very different than what you’re used to. These differences may be very subtle and unspoken. You likely won’t see them outlined in a job description; instead, you’re expected to just know them. The confidence you bring in your abilities is an important asset in your professional success in Canada, but so too is your willingness to research and analyze nuanced, subtle differences in cultural and employer expectations.

You can learn more about employer expectations from a number of sources and it is an ongoing process. Your Employment Counsellor may have some insights. Resources on workplace cultural differences, such as books and videos by Lionel Laroche, or the book “You’re Hired…Now What?” by Lynda Goldstein are recommended resources. Your professional mentor will have valuable insights and a practiced, insider perspective. Remember to keep an open mind, practice continual learning and never be afraid to ask a question.

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