How To Use This Website

How To Use This Website: Job Search Resource Centre

Job Search Resource Centre is the name we have given to the portion of The Working Centre website that talks specifically about job related topics.  You will know that you are successfully navigating within the online Job Search Resource Centre if the menu items on the left hand side of your screen are blue.  This section is also characterized by a useful gathering of resources for job searchers and employers alike, with content written at The Working Centre, thoughtful and timely articles that expand our core knowledge and practices, and links to related resources that counsellors and participants at The Working Centre have found helpful in their work together.

The Job Search Resource Centre is also a physical place located at 58 Queen Street South in downtown Kitchener, Ontario. Many appropriate parallels can be drawn between the online and physical locations: both resource centers are informal environments that place a premium on community building and access to local resources; both emphasize working together as a sustainable, meaningful way to meet the challenges implicit in job search, job transition, and staffing.    

We hope that you will work together with an employment counsellor on your job related needs, and that this website will act as a useful tool in your practice together. But we recognize that this will not always be the case. The online Job Search Resource Centre is publicly accessible and is available anywhere the internet is available. 

Like the resource centre at 58 Queen Street South, there are multiple ways to appropriately access the resources we have written and gathered online. The website is big.  Bigger than we thought it would be—than we even thought it could be! But it has reached its size and depth honestly: through a commitment to nuanced content and guidance culled from years of working closely with the dynamic residents of Kitchener-Waterloo—whose specific needs, thoughtful questions, and community spirit compel us to work in new ways each day to accommodate each individual who walks through the doors at The Working Centre.

What we have published online as the Job Search Resource Centre is part conventional website and part database.  It is dynamic, we are adding to it, and we are honing it in as counsellors and participants offer suggestions, find new resources, and continue to interact thoughtfully with the content.  It’s safe to say, the more we use the website together, the better it will get.

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