Emergency Shelter

An emergency shelter is a form of temporary shelter that can be accessed by all, in situations where a place to sleep for the night is needed. The community of Kitchener has a range of temporary, immediate housing that can be accessed depending on your situation and demographic.

The emergency shelter options in Waterloo Region are:

Charles Street Men’s Hostel - a shelter that provides emergency shelter and meals for homeless men aged 16 years and older.

Mary’s Place Women’s Shelter - a 60-bed emergency shelter for women (16 and older), transgendered people, and families who are homeless. Parents of either gender with children who are homeless are welcome to stay at Mary's Place.

oneROOF - a multi-service agency for youth (12-25) experiencing or at-risk of homelessness in the Waterloo Region. Services include outreach, social enterprise programs, drop-in, essential services, food hampers, and emergency shelter.

The Bridges Cambridge Shelter - operates a year round emergency shelter for men and women aged 16 years of age and over and has  three emergency shelter units for families experiencing homelessness.

Argus - homelessness prevention/diversion and emergency shelter for youth between the ages of 16-21. Based in Cambridge, the agency operates two 24 hour shelter locations: a 10-bed shelter for young women and a 10-bed shelter for young men. Both shelters provide a home-like setting and offer a range of supports.

Safe Haven Shelter - Serving vulnerable 12-15 year olds who are at risk of being homeless, this program offers immediate admission and services for up to 10 youth on a 24 hour/7 day a week basis.

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