Access to Technology

The Working Centre’s Access to Technology projects make resources more available for people who are living on a limited income, and seeking to build skills and experience. By creatively adapting technologies, repairing, re-using and recycling, we host and share community resources.

  • Computer Training Classes help to build workplace computer skills, supporting people who cannot afford traditional classes or who learn better in a more flexible environment. Our classes and group projects help people develop relationships and learn to work in a collaborative environment. Our model of Self-Directed Training supports people to practice self-directed learning skills and obtain certifications. 
  • We are a Microsoft Testing Centre, providing an opportunity for people to demonstrate self-taught skills to obtain certification that is recognized by many employers.
  • Computer Recycling offers a creative response to a community need by refurbishing and recycling old computers. We are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and can provide licensed software at low cost for people living on a limited income.
  • As a registered Ontario Electronic Waste site,The Working Centre is a convenient drop-off site for electronic waste. We collect old computers, printers, monitors, phones, and other electronics, repairing items to make them available for re-use. We responsibly recycle remaining items through registered recycling businesses, generating funds to help subsidize other Access to Technology projects.
  • We have a number of Public Access Computer Labs that provide access to computers in a community setting.

  • Community Voice Mail provides a free voice message box that can be helpful for people who do not have their own phone, or who are experiencing times of transition.    

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