Access to Technology

The Working Centre’s Access to Technology projects make resources available for people who are living on a limited income, and seeking to build skills and experience.

Computer Recycling is opening again to the public with limited hours. For details see Computer Recycling

We are excited to be specializing in offering computers with Xubuntu Linux, rather than Windows.  Xubuntu Linux computers offer great functionality, faster speed on the same hardware, don't take as long to update, and much of the software is open souce, so you can examine the code. As a bonus, most of the software is free in the financial sense.

Our projects include:

  • Computer Recycling refurbishes old computers and electronic equipment. By equiping the computers with free open source software, we provide low cost computers for people living on a limited income.
  • The Working Centre is a convenient drop-off site for electronic waste. We collect old computers, printers, monitors, phones, and other electronics, repairing items to make them available for re-use.
  • We use a variety of techniques to wipe equipment to ensure your private data is protected.  We recycle items we cannot wipe with a responsible end-of-life ewaste processor.
  • We provide supported volunteer opportunities for people to learn computer skills, and serve others in the community
  • Community Voice Mail provides a free voice message box that can be helpful for people who do not have their own phone, or who are experiencing times of transition.    

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