Classes and Workshops

The Commons Studio provides workshops for a wide range of film-making knowledge and expertise. Regardless of your skill level, we have something for you. If you have a passion for film, we can provide you with connection to the skills and equipment needed to feed that passion. Our goal is to host the exchange of knowledge and skills in creative ways.

Do you have skill you would like to share with others?  Is there a particular idea you would like to see covered in a workshop?  We invite ideas for workshops that are needed or that people feel they can offer. 

To use some of the higher end film-making equipment, we require that you attend some “how to” workshops to ensure the proper usage and maintenance of the equipment. Successful completion of these workshops is required before you can rent some of the cameras and equipment.

Contact us if you have ideas about workshops that we could be providing or that you might be able to offer to others.

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