Work with an Employment Counsellor

Working Centre Employment Counsellors are available to help you with:

  • Preparing a resume, writing a cover letter
  • Individual employment counselling and job search support
  • Assistance looking at your work options
  • Exploring ways to make your job search more effective
  • Coaching with conducting a strategic job search
  • Access to job leads and employment opportunities
  • Help in preparing for interviews
  • Connections to local employers
  • Specialized assistance for New Canadians
  • Supported assistance in looking at Apprenticeship options

The Job Search Roadmap, which is a part of this website, can be used as a pathway to employment - from the start of your work search to a job readiness checklist.  This lays the steps out in a linear way, to help you logically move through the job search steps.  In reality, this is often not a linear process, and an employment counsellor can help you to prioritize some activities depending on your individual needs and situation.

This roadmap can also help you to understand ways an Employment Counsellor can help you in each step of your job search.

At The Working Centre, our approach is to "build an alliance" together.  Job Searching is a daunting task.  Sometimes the work together is concrete and practical, sometimes it is strategic and thoughtful, and other times it is helpful to have someone to support and coach you as you try to maintain momentum in your job search.

Contact Information

For more information about Job Search Resource Centre Services, please contact .


Monday - Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm

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