A skill is basically a learned capacity or a talent.  Taking the time now to explore your skills can seem tedious or challenging, but it will make all the rest of your job search easier if you take a careful look at your skills now. 

In this section we will look at the job goal you have identified. The resume is not a reflection of  your whole self or your history as an employee, but only the skills you bring to your next job.   If you have thought carefully about your job goal then this will be a worthwhile exercise.  You are working towards a resume that suits this chosen job goal.

If you have not been able to narrow things down to one job goal, then repeat this exercise for each job goal.

You have a wide range of skills that can be grouped into

  • Technical skills (such as knowing how to operate a CNC machine or performing a surgery)
  • Transferrable skills (such as organizational talent, research skills, computer proficiency)
  • Personal skills or qualities: “soft” skills (such as reliability, assertiveness, enthusiasm)

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