Job Café

Job Café connects individuals to community members looking for short-term (often single-day) workers. We assist people to earn additional income and contribute to the community in a variety of ways. Jobs include moving, landscaping, street sweeping, and more.

Since 2015 we have joined with the Ontario Trillium Foundation to develop the Job Cafe into an enterprise project, that continues to provide employment opportunities, and builds on unique engagement opportunities.Over three years we are developing work opportunities, strengthening infrastructure, and expanding the projects that come under the Job Cafe umbrella.

Job Café will:

  • Meet/talk with you to arrange details and establish a pay rate for the job
  • Arrange for workers to complete the work
  • Provide initial support if required to get the job started
  • Follow up to ensure you are satisfied with the job

As the employer you will:

  • Ensure that the workers meet your expectations before the job begins
  • Be responsible for supervising and guiding the individuals - they are working for you
  • Provide the tools and workspace necessary for the job
  • Pay the individuals at the agreed upon rate

Contact Information

For more information about Job Café, please contact us.

Phone: 519-743-1151 x 230

Job Café is based 58 Queen Street South.

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