Access to Housing

The Working Centre can help you to connect with safe, affordable housing and immediate shelter in Waterloo Region.

  • Our housing help desk is open each weekday as part of our Housing and Finance Hub. A support person can walk with you through housing and stability challenges.
    • The Housing Desk is part of a drop-in hub; visit us at our welcoming resource centre at 58 Queen Street South in Kitchener to connect.
  • The Working Centre provides safe, affordable housing in the downtown core.
    • Click here to learn more, and for contact information.
  • The Working Centre can help you connect with emergency shelter in our community through the Housing Desk, Resource Centre, and Outreach Supports at St. John's Kitchen.
    • Click here for a list of emergency shelters in Waterloo Region
  • The Money Matters Help Desk is part of an evolving housing and finance Hub at The Working Centre.
    • Anyone can meet with a Financial Inclusion Outreach Worker at the Money Matters Desk - part of a drop-in hub where people can meet, build relationship, get connected to community resources, and begin problem solving around:
      • finances as they relate to housing,
      • taxes and benefits,
      • budgeting,
      • retirement planning and more.
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