Strategies for Sustainable Livelihoods

Strategies for Sustainable Livelihoods is a collection of Working Centre resources that can be used in a variety of ways to help us creatively build fulfilling and sustainable livelihoods.


The Local Exchange

This online tool, an integral piece of the Localism initiative by The Working Centre, connects people and facilitates the buying and selling of local goods and services in a way that values relationships. This website serves as a publicly accessible, dynamic catalogue of listings where we can buy and sell with our neighbours the things we make and do in Waterloo Region. 



BarterWorks is a community of individuals and small businesses within the Local Exchange who use a local currency to exchange goods and services. BarterDollars earn no interest, which means people are encouraged to circulate them in the community often in combination with our national currency. BarterDollars stay in the local community to be used over and over again.


WRAP & Small Business Supports

This section provides information about WRAP small business supports hosted at The Working Centre, and other small business resources offered throughout the Region. Localism is open to individuals considering/testing ideas for small business, supports the development of a small business, and welcomes established local businesses. This section also includes resources useful for small producers.


Job Search Roadmap

Often a sustainable livelihood includes at least part-time employment. Working Centre counsellors can help you to look for a job that complements your livelihood ideas. Connect here to visit a comprehensive Job Search Road Map designed to help you in your job search. Our job postings site is active and up-to-date. Please feel welcome to visit us at 58 Queen Street South in Kitchener – our Job Search Resource Centre is a busy, lively centre that is welcoming and practical.


Living Frugally

Living Frugally is often an integral part of a sustainable livelihood. This section of the website offers ideas and suggestions and includes a collection of resources and links that help us live in a way that is economically and environmentally sustainable. This page touches on many topics: financial planning, transportation, food, clothing, gift and household items, technology, child care, and things to do for entertainment.


Work Choices

This section helps you explore income options in building a creative livelihood. It provides information about career counseling, labour market research, training and education, apprenticeships, self employment and government funding. Understanding and evaluating work choices is an important part of creating a livelihood. A Working Centre Employment Counsellor can support your decision-making process.


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