GROW Gardens

GROW Gardens provides people with a garden of learning and enterprise, and with the training and skills necessary to maintain it.

Volunteers of the GROW garden produce hydroponic microgreens, seedlings, as well as herbs, and teas, while modelling ways to sell this produce to the wider community.

About Grow Gardens: 

Having established several community gardens, including May Place and the Queens Greens Community Garden, GROW has emerged as a tool for providing individuals with the opportunity to work cooperatively while supporting local production and trade. The goal is to learn how to produce local microgreens, living greens, teas, and other produce, while simultaneously fostering a deeper sense of community and providing individuals with self-help opportunities for creative livelihood beyond employment. We endeavor to provide greater access to healthy and affordable foods in a locally sustainable way.

 As one of the Working Centre's urban gardening projects, the greenhouse is closely integrated with the Hacienda Sarria Market Garden. At the greenhouse volunteers can get involved in the growing and harvesting hydroponic microgreens, planting trays of living greens, growing seedlings for the market garden, as well as growing tomatoes and basil throughout the year in our new aquaponic system. The surrounding property supports a tea and herb garden.

Getting Involved at GROW

GROW’s Lancaster Street garden and greenhouse is always open to new volunteers and visitors. There are many ways to contribute throughout the year.  Beginners welcome!

For more information on GROW or the Working Centre's urban gardening projects,  please call Adam at 519-743-1151 ext. 113 or e-mail

Purchase Information

You can find our microgreens and living greens at several locations in Kitchener-Waterloo, including Vincenzo’s, Healthy Foods and More, Full Circle Foods, and Bailey's Local Foods. To place a wholesale order for your restaurant or retail location, please contact us using the details below.

Contact Information

For more information about GROW Gardens, please contact Adam or Rachel.

Phone: 519-575-1118

79 Lancaster Street East


Volunteers are welcome, though space is limited.

Monday to Thursday -  9am to 12pm

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