Humanities 101

Humanities 101 is a 12-week introduction to humanities course offered by Renison University College. The course is designed for people who have encountered financial and other barriers to university education and who wish to expand their intellectual horizons in an accessible, challenging, and respectful environment. The Working Centre works in partnership with Renison to support outreach for this course in the community, and to support people to navigate the application process.

The course centres around classes, study groups, reflective writing assignments, and conversation. The course theme is "City". Each week, a different professor of the humanities will look at this theme through the lens of their discipline. For instance, one week may be on sociology and the city, and another week may involve principles of urban planning.

The course takes place at Renison University College, with weekly study groups in downtown Kitchener. There is no financial cost for program participants. Renison University College and the University of Waterloo underwrite the full cost of the program.

For more information or support navigating the application process, please contact Isaiah at 519-743-1151 ext. 175;

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