The Local Exchange

The Local Exchange is an online tool that connects people in Waterloo Region and facilitates the buying and selling of local goods and services in a way that values relationship. The website serves as a publicly accessible, dynamic catalogue of goods and services where you may buy and sell with your neighbours the things we make and do.

This website plays a key role in the broader “localism and livelihood” activity at The Working Centre. You can access the Local Exchange and its resources on a private computer, on public access computers at The Working Centre or in the community, or with the assistance of the Localism and Livelihood Desk. People can create and browse profiles and listings, and connect with one another to work out the details of exchange. As a deeper level of exchange, BarterWorks members trade and track transactions using a localized currency.

The Localism and Livelihood Desk can help producers and purchasers to use this website as part of a strategy for sustainable livelihoods in Waterloo Region.

The Local Exchange is a tool designed to help people connect with their neighbours in ways that shape our local economy.

Contact Information

For more information about Localism, please contact us.


58 Queen St. S., Kitchener


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