Commons Studio

Kitchener Public Library has partnered with the Commons Studio and Lighthouse Equipment Ltd. offer affordable access to video production and post-production equipment.

For more information or to make a rental, check out our new website:

You ay also reach us by Phone: (519) 743-0271 x 298

or by email:

Commons Studio equipment is currently available by appointment only.
Equipment pick-up and drop-off at Kitchener Public Library: 85 Queen Street North, Kitchener

As a Community Tools Project of The Working Centre, the Commons Studio is dedicated to creating a culture of reciprocity – of people helping each other to learn and grow in their craft.

The Commons Studio, one of The Working Centre's Community Tools projects, encourages community film-making through the sharing of skills, knowledge, equipment & resources. We make movies, screen films, host discussions, and build connections.


Contact Information

For more information about Commons Studio, please contact us.

Phone: 519 743 0271 x 298

Kitchener Public Library: 85 Queen Street N, Kitchener


Equipment pick-up and dop-off by appointment only.

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