Studio Space

Commons Studio Space Rental Pricing - Quick Guide

Spaces for Rent:

  • Coved Studio (CST)
    • CST rental includes CR and GR, sound-insulated coved-studio space designed for film production usage, full floor and ceiling coving, lower level, after-hours access available
  • Control Room (CR)
    • editing station, lower level, after-hours access available, includes access to GR
  • Green Room (GR)
    • dressing room/lounge + bathroom, lower level, after-hours access

* all access to lower level resources by way of stairs

  • Voiceover Booth (VOB)
    • sound treated, audio recording equipment available, street level, accessible during Commons Studio open hours

Daytime Rates (weekdays):
- Full Day (10-4), Morning (10-1) or Afternoon (1-4) slots available

  • CST + CR + GR: $200 full day; $100 morning; $100 afternoon
  • VOB: $120 full day; $60 morning; $60 afternoon
  • CR + GR: $150 full day; $75 morning; $75 afternoon

After Hours & Weekends:
- Weekday Evening slots from 4pm-8am (16 hours)
- Sat & Sun slots from 9am-8am (23 hours)

  • CST + CR + GR: Weekday evening $300; Sat or Sun $400
  • CR + GR: Weekday evening $200; Sat or Sun $250

Commons Studio and Lighthouse Equipment gear rental for use in-house:


  • Must be a Commons Studio member to rent space
  • Key fob for after hours use must be picked up during Commons Studio open hours
  • Prices do not include tax
  • Energy Surcharge for CST – A hydro fee of $100 applies if over 10,000 watts are used, $200 if 30,000 watts used and $300 over 45,000 watts are used
  • Two parking spaces available after hours (no reserved parking during opening hours)
  • Overtime fee $75/hour

Contact us: // (519) 576-4240 x103 // or drop in!
Commons Studio is open Mon-Fri 10am-4pm // 256-B King Street East, Kitchener

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