Mayor's Dinner 2019 Video: Grassroots Healthcare

The 32nd Mayors’ Dinner was a full evening of community connections at Marshall Hall at Bingemans. Almost 1000 people crowded into the hall to hear stories about three grassroots approaches to health

Dr. George Berrigan and Evelyn Gurney RN were recognized as the heart of the St. John’s Clinic, the health care clinic located at St John’s Kitchen. 

Dr. Chris and Michelle Steingart were recognized for their work founding Sanguen as a charitable Hepatitis C clinic which has grown to provide harm reduction and health care services throughout Waterloo Region and in Guelph.

Dr. Michael Stephenson (Dr. Mike) and Margaret Brockett are the physician and associate director of Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre who have established this integrated medical hub for refugees.

Highlighting these community based efforts was enlivening for all who attended. The evening demonstrated how dedication and vision are essential for efforts that work from the ground up. Together these three initiatives demonstrate how dedication, compassion, harm reduction, and the ability to support people through complex systems can create real change and new services that put people in the centre.

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