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The hot mid-day meal brings people together at St. John’s Kitchen. The meal is prepared and shared in the spirit of cooperation and abundance. It serves as an invitation for everyone to join in – whether to contribute to the work, to share conversation, or simply to gather around the table and enjoy a meal in the company of others. To learn more about the meal at St. John’s Kitchen, please click here.

Over the years, more supports and resources have come to St. John’s Kitchen, in response to the needs and wishes of people gathering there. These include facilities like showers and laundry, as well as a medical clinic and supports for physical and mental health, housing stability, financial stability, and more. Many of these are offered in partnership with local agencies, which base time at St. John’s Kitchen because the people they serve gather there so regularly.

Supports at St. John’s Kitchen can be place-based or mobile. Place-based supports spend regular, structured time in the space. Click here to read more about place-based supports at St. John’s Kitchen.

Mobile supports weave through St. John’s Kitchen, with many mobile outreach workers from local agencies dropping in regularly to meet people they support, check in, and share coffee or a meal. Click here to read more about mobile supports and St. John’s Kitchen.

With such a variety of supports at St. John’s Kitchen serving people with often complex needs, workers from different agencies work together in an Integrated Circle of Care model. They maintain continuous communication with each other and walk with people through relationship to provide support that is flexible, accessible, and never bureaucratic. Click here to read more about the Integrated Circle of Care model at St. John’s Kitchen.

All supports offered at St. John’s Kitchen are free of cost, and are flexible to the needs of every person. This means, for example, that people receive as much food as they ask for during the meal time, and that facilities like the showers and laundry are accessible at flexible times.

St John's Kitchen operates largely through the work of volunteers. Click here to read more about volunteering. It also accepts both in-kind and financial donations.

Contact Information

For more information about St. John's Kitchen, please contact us.

Email: SJK@theworkingcentre.org
Phone: 519-745-8928

23 Water St N
(St John the Evangelist Anglican Church)


Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday: 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

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