Commons Studio Membership

How to join the Commons Studio: 

The Commons Studio welcomes anyone who is interested in media art in all its forms: as a practitioner (director, producer, presenter, writer, editor, videographer, actor, technician, critic; emerging or experienced, professional or amateur; student or graduate), as someone who appreciates film, video and media art, as an expert, as a seasoned cinephile, or as someone who is simply interested in exploring new possibilities.

There are 3 types of membership; click the links below for detailed information on each type:

Production Associate ($75/year)

Studio Associate (No Charge)

Film Network Member (No Charge)

National Access Program

For artists traveling to Waterloo Region from out of town to work on a "one-off" production project, the Commons Studio will honour memberships from other Canadian, non-profit, artist-run video, audio and film organizations. This will give participants access to the facility and rentals without having to pay the Production Associate membership fee.

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