BarterWorks How To

You can choose to support your community by creating an account on our Local Exchange website. You can use this account to record your sales and purchases.  You can also participate in one of our regular community markets, or by accepting BarterDollars at your place of business.

Either the seller or the buyer can record the transaction on the website.  If you are unable to access the internet you can always find help at the localism desk.

You can choose to limit your offer of goods and services to those who also accept BarterDollars, or you can include your listings on the Local Exchange for the wider community to see.

You decide the spirit of your trading, if your motivation for trading in BarterWorks is to build connections in the community, then consider the exchange as gift.  A purchase brings a gift of recognition to the person who crafted your item, and is also a gift to the person who appreciates the goods.  In this context you return the gift by offering something else to others on the system, and the gift multiplies.

In a gift economy, consider equally what you are able to create, or how you can provide your service to someone in need.  Using the exchange listings as a guide, explore what goods or services are wanted, and learn to respond to those as your gift.

You may also be already operating your own business or are considering self-employment.  If this is the case let BarterWorks be a continuation of your business activity.  BarterDollars are treated as an equivalent to our Canadian Dollar, and should be recorded as such for taxation purposes.

If you are exploring a new self-employment or small business idea, consider BarterWorks as your test market.  Pay attention to what people have to say about your goods or services in terms of quality, price, and service.


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