About the Commons Studio

The Commons Studio (formerly the Multicultural Cinema Club) was established in December 2006 to create a culture of cinema within Waterloo region by screening films, hosting discussions, creating artistic works, and encouraging community film-making.  Besides hosting people interested in film-making, we are also working to make film-making technology more accessible to a wider range of people in the community who would like to gain or build skills in this area.

Activities of the project include:

  • Providing access to a large inventory of film-making equipment for use by members
  • A studio space that includes editing suites, support and advice on film editing
  • Workshops and skills sharing sessions on film-making
  • Sharing of information on topics relevant to local film-makers, including information on casting calls and local events
  • Good Work Productions – making professional quality films with a social purpose that build on the skills and resources of staff and members of the Commons Studio
  • Screening films followed by discussions about the film

We invite your participation in helping us create a culture of cinema!


The Commons Studio is a non-profit arts service, community-based tool, artist-run-organization committed to support ground breaking and professional artistic productions, presentation and programming of independent video and media art. It is operates under the auspices of the Working Centre.  

We provide affordable access to video production and post-production equipments. Our activities include production support programs for video artists, a comprehensive range of introductory, intermediate and advanced workshops and as well as film festivals and exhibitions. The Commons Studio also provides services for the community at large and local organizations by creating videos about\for them and all dobbing and converting services.

Commons Studio facilities can be used in a wide range of productions - video art, drama, documentary, multi-media, performance, installation, and community-based projects. 

Contact Information

For more information about Commons Studio, please contact us.

Email: commons-studio@kpl.org
Phone: 519 743 0271 x 298

Kitchener Public Library: 85 Queen Street N, Kitchener


Equipment pick-up and dop-off by appointment only.

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