Community Bake Oven

"A public oven that gives such a strong push for strangers to share overlapping stories is a very good thing, in a city where so many people know so little about one another's stories, past or present."
- Jutta Mason, from Cooking with Fire in Public Space.

The Community Bake Oven was envisioned as a "community tool" which provides the opportunity for diverse people to gather through sharing the simple and age-old tradition of baking and eating bread. In 2003 a generous grant was received from ACE Bakery, and the oven was designed and built in the fall with a team of volunteers.

Bake Oven Location: The Queen Street Bake Oven is located at the Queens Greens Community Garden at the corner of Queen Street S. & Mill Street in downtown Kitchener.

Community Bake Oven Photos

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