Community building involves the work of many people. The Working Centre offers a collaborative platform for those who want to get involved - we screen people in, not out! You can learn a new skill, practise a particular gift or strength you already have, provide presence within a project that interests you, and meet people from all walks of life. Please feel welcome.



The Working Centre depends on the generosity of our community to financially support this innovative and compassionate work. Traditional funding sources operate in tighter and tighter parameters, and we increasingly count on donations as an important contribution that allows this creative community to thrive. We are committed to welcoming each person before us, and we constantly work to let creative ideas guide new thinking and action. Each donation is gratefully received,  and we welcome donations of all amounts.


Support our Community Tools

The Working Centre's Community Tools projects are designed as Social Enterprise projects - we work to create income that contributes towards the frugal costs of sustaining the project. You can support these efforts by choosing to purchase the creative items produced, to visit the Queen Street Commons Cafe, or to look for creative re-use items at Worth a Second Look or the Green Door. Your participation recognizes these inclusive environments as part of our wider community.



If you are attracted to the philosophy and action of The Working Centre, consider joining with us in this imaginative work as a paid staff person. Be forewarned - this is not easy work and requires a mature commitment and trust of informal processes. You need to make a choice to work at The Working Centre - we pay less than others. Co-workers come from all walks of life, a variety of cultural backgrounds, and an eclectic mix of age groups. We offer many flexible yet anchored work roles and a work environment that allows you to do meaningful, respectful and good work.

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