Queens Green Community Garden

Queen’s Green Community Garden is located at the corner of Queen and Mill Streets in Kitchener, close to Victoria Park and Schneider Haus. It is one of over 35 community gardens that are part of the Waterloo Region Community Garden Network. Queen’s Green arose out of an initiative to recover idle land, such as backyards or vacant lots, and to transform them into productive, beautiful, community-shared space. Access to land, building community, and the recognition of the importance of fresh, organic food are the driving interests in the creation of gardens like this one.

Queen’s Green was started in 1997, and currently has about 25 plots. Some highlights of the garden include the Community Bake Oven, beautiful garden beds, berry bushes and a fruit tree, composting, an edible garden perimeter, a little library, and the artwork of Andy Macpherson.

The Working Centre, which helped to establish the Queen’s Green Garden, provides individuals and groups with the tools they need to produce food in an urban setting by supporting and initiating urban food producing projects.

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Contact Information

For more information about Queens Green Community Garden, please contact the coordinators.

Email: queensgreencommunitygarden@gmail.com

The corner of Queen St and Mill St in Kitchener

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