Computer Recycling

Due to COVID-19 health concerns,

Computer Recycling is limiting volunteers and is only open for online shopping (via Kijiji) and curbside pick up.


Update: Nov, 27, 2020:

Computer Recycling is still closed due to COVID-19 health concerns. We are not currently hosting volunteers in the space, but are looking for "virtual volunteers" with Xubuntu Linux experience. If this is of interest please email:


Computer Recycling gives computers a second life and provides people with access to affordable computers. Volunteers refurbish donated computers into working systems.


Xubuntu Linux desktopComputer Recycling refurbishes desktop and laptop computers with Xubuntu Linux.

Xubuntu Linux is a great way to start experiencing open source software.

Our Xubuntu computers tend to be less expensive than the same computers running Windows because of the added licensing cost of Windows systems.

Need a Xubuntu Linux DVD to reinstall the operating system yourself - no problem since Xubuntu Linux is "Free" (as in freedom) software. The General Public License used by Xubuntu allows you to copy and give out DVD copies of Xubuntu.

  • Currently Computer Recycling is focusing efforts on refurbishing Laptops and Desktops with wireless cards. While we accept older hardware donations, second generation Intel i-series or newer equipment is the most beneficial.
  • Previously used computers are donated for re-use, offering a creative avenue for using computers that are no longer useful to their original owners.
  • Reusable components are identified and built into working systems.
  • Computers are repaired, refurbished and made available at low cost. This allows us to provide computers to those who would otherwise not be able to afford a computer and are sold for a relatively small fee.
  • These systems are generally made for first time or beginner level computer users and are suitable for Internet use, e-mail and word processing.
  • Unusable computer equipment is stripped down, with the steel and complex technologies properly recycled through Com2 Recycling (Mississauga).

Repair [Limited/Paused due to COVID-19]

  • Due to the limited capacity we have to host volunteers during this time Computer Recycling is pausing all activities related to repairing computers.
  • Advice is available for computer upgrades or purchases. (via email)
  • Recycled parts available: floppy drives, video cards, sound cards, modems, network cards, and more at a very low cost (please ask via email

Training [Limited/Paused due to COVID-19]

  • Computer Recycling is not currently hosting volunteers on site. We are currently working on helping people with training on Xubuntu Linux through online sessions and documentation.

Contact Information

For more information about Computer Recycling, please contact us.

Phone: 519-743-1151 ext. 225

66 Queen Street South (entrance on Charles Street)


Currently closed due to Covid

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