Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling is OPEN

Tuesday mornings: 10:00 am - noon
Wednesday afternoons: 1:00 - 4:00 pm

For donations, or sales, outside these times, please email: to make arrangements.

We welcome donated computers and electronic equipment.  Please come during open hours or email to make arrangements.


Computer Recycling gives computers a second life and provides people with access to affordable technology.

Computer Recycling repurposes desktop and laptop computers with Xubuntu Linux

Refurbish / Recycle

  • Computer Recycling welcomes donated electronics which we refurbish and make available at a low cost.  This meets an important need in our community and is an environmentally responsible way to dispose of electronics that you no longer require.
  • We collect old computers, printers, monitors, phones, and other electronics.
  • We completely wipe all donated equipment to ensure your private data is protected. 
  • While we accept older hardware donations, second generation Intel i-series or newer equipment is the most beneficial.
  • By using donated equipment and free open source software, we are able to provide low cost computers for people living on a limited income.
  • Any donated electronics that can not be repaired or is no longer useful is environmentally recycled.


  • Computer Recycling sells computers and other electronic items and parts at an affordable cost.
  • We sell refurbished and donated equipment such as: computers, computer parts, cables, printers, etc.
  • We only offer computers with the Xubuntu Linux operating system.  It offers great functionality, operates faster, requires fewer updates, and the software is open souce so does not require costly licenses.
  • These systems are designed to meet basic computer needs and are suitable for Internet browsing, e-mail, word processing, zoom, watching video, and using online tools.
  • Computer Recycling store is open to the public for limited hours each week.  We are also open for online shopping (via Kijiji) and curbside pick up.
  • Email us, view linstings on Kijiji, and drop in during open hours to see what we offer.
    • Tuesday mornings: 10:00 am - noon
    • Wednesday afternoons: 1:00  - 4:00 pm

Some systems are listed online through our Discord server:

Computer Recycling Discord Server QR code


  • Due to limited capacity at this time, Computer Recycling is only able repair the computers that it has sold.
  • Recycled parts available for sale such as: cables, drives, video cards, sound cards, modems, network cards, and more.
  • When possible, we will offer advice and answer technical questions via email.

Training and Support

  •  We fully support and offer a warranty on the computers that we sell.
  •  Computer Recycling is currently offering introductory training and support for the Xubuntu computers that we sell.  Contact us for details.

Xubuntu Operating System

Xubuntu Linux desktop

Computer Recycling specializes in offering computers with the the Xubuntu Linux operating system.  It is a great way to start experiencing open source software.

Our Xubuntu computers tend to be less expensive than the same computers running Windows because of the added licensing cost of Windows systems.

  • Other operating systems such as Windows and Apple require expensive software licenses.  Xubuntu can be used and easily reinstalled at no cost since it is "Free" (as in freedom) software. The General Public License used by Xubuntu allows you to copy and give out DVD copies of Xubuntu


Contact Information

For more information about Computer Recycling, please contact us.

Phone: 519-743-1151 ext. 225

66 Queen Street South (entrance on Charles Street)


Tuesday mornings: 10:00 am - noon
 Wednesday afternoons: 1:00 - 4:00 pm

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