Health and Safety Concerns

Living in a safe and healthy home is an important part of your overall well being. It is important to recognize what a healthy home looks and feels like, and where to go for help if you feel they are at risk due to the place you live. 

Property Standards is the overarching municipal department that sets regulations around maintenance and occupancy rules for all properties in Kitchener and Waterloo. If you are experiencing troubles with the property you are living in, and believe there might be violations, call property standards in Kitchener or Waterloo.
See the links below for more information on specific Health and Safety concerns including:
Bed bugs, mold, fire prevention, and maintenance.

Talk to your landlord first about any property standard issues you may be experiencing. Talking to your landlord and including them early-on in any conversation around property standard issues should always be the first step when you are concerned with the state of the property you are inhabiting.

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