At The Working Centre we are building momentum around relationship-based exchange and trade.   As we buy and sell local goods and services with our neighbours, we support people's livelihood activities and help strengthen our community and the relationships that bind us together.

We are encouraging people to think creatively about combining income earning activities in a way that is sustainable and responsive to the local labour market. By practicing skills, gathering sector specific knowledge and training, or acting on a passion, people can imagine contributing a service or product within the frame of a challenging local economy. Strategies for sustainable livelihoods can combine small business or home-based projects that compliment part-time or contract work, and a commitment to frugal living and artful innovation. Purchasers are able to ‘buy local’ and support the creative livelihood decisions of their neighbours, strengthening a community of trade.

The Working Centre's Localism project combines 3 components:

  • The Local Exchange is an online tool that lists and facilitates the buying and selling of local goods and services. This website serves as a publicly accessible, dynamic catalogue where you may buy and sell with your neighbours the things we make and do.  The Local Exchange may be accessed here.  
  • The Localism and Livelihood Desk helps to enliven connections between people involved in Localism.  Come to the desk to get help with using the website, networking, and connecting to complimentary resources at The Working Centre and in the wider community.  Learn more about the desk here.
  • Marketplaces offer venues for people to exchange goods and services in places other than their own homes.

Contact Information

For more information about Localism, please contact us.

Email: localexchange@theworkingcentre.org

58 Queen St. S., Kitchener


Please contact to set up an appointment.

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