Localism Desk

The Localism and Livelihood Desk is a hosted "help desk" which offers personal connection and help as we explore how to build and promote localism and livelihoods.

We can help to post your listings, create or develop your profile, take and upload pictures, write descriptions, and connect with others involved in the Local Exchange

We are available to support potential Marketplace opportunities – are there ways to collaborate together, to host events where we meet one another, are there additional locations in Waterloo Region that would like to become Exchange-friendly locations?

As well, we encourage broader conversations about building a strategy for your own sustainable livelihood.  If you are living on a limited income, and see Localism as a means of building your income, it may require some strategic thinking and decisions.  We can help connect you to a wide range of Working Centre resources:

  • The Job Search Resource Centre:
    • Making decisions about work choices
    • Searching for work that complements your Livelihood project
  • BarterWorks – A local trading organization of individuals, businesses and community groups where members trade goods and services through the exchange of barter currency or a combination of barter currency and Canadian dollars.
  • WRAP small business training and supports
  • The Financial Inclusion Help Desk and other resources for living frugally – Is there a way to adjust your living expenses or problem-solve financial difficulties to support your Livelihood efforts?
  • Public access computers and phones, and computer training

Localism can be a hobby, a way to meet others, a way to build income, or a small business activity.  The Localism and Livelihood Desk can help you to adapt the resource to your own situation.

We are hoping that you drop by the desk and share your thoughts and ideas.

Contact Information

For more information about Localism, please contact us.

Email: localexchange@theworkingcentre.org

58 Queen St. S., Kitchener


Please contact to set up an appointment.

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