Resources for Students

For students interested in learning about The Working Centre, we have provided you with this resource guide including articles describing our philosophy, places and projects you can visit, and opportunities to volunteer.

Working Centre Philosophy

Read the articles below to learn about the philosophical roots of The Working Centre. Much more can be learned about The Working Centre by reading issues of our quarterly newsletter, Good Work News, that describe our activities and philosophies.


Below are links to some interesting Working Centre projects that you can freely visit, learn about, and/or volunteer at.

  • St. John's Kitchen
    St. John's Kitchen is a community kitchen that serves up to 300 meals each day and offers a range of outreach services.

  • Job Search Resource Centre
    This resource centre offers employment counselling, resume/cover letter assistance, public computers, and supports for small business, New Canadians, and computer training.
  • Recycle Cycles
    Recycle Cycles offers affordable refurbished bicycles, facilities to repair your own bike, and skill building.
  • Computer Recycling
    Computer Recycling offers affordable refurbished computers and opportunities to learn about computers through volunteering.
  • Hacienda Sarria Market Garden
    The Hacienda Sarria Market Garden is a volunteer-driven initiative to develop an inclusive, hands-on learning environment to demonstrate, promote, and share knowledge about sustainable local food production and environmental stewardship.
  • Queen Street Commons Café
    Our volunteer-supported café serves affordable vegetarian meals and fair-trade coffe, and hosts a range of events from live music to movie screenings to political meetings.

  • Maurita's Kitchen
    Maurita's Kitchen is where food for Queen Street Commons is prepared with volunteer support.
  • Worth a Second Look Furniture and Housewares
    This volunteer-run thrift shop is Kitchener's largest furniture and housewares recycling centre.

  • Commons Studio
    This venture in community filmmaking produces documentaries, organizes film festivals and filmmaking workshops, offers videography services, and rents out film equipment at affordable rates.


Please visit our volunteering page to get a list of projects that you can contribute time to. We really encourage people not to visit the Working Centre as a tourist, but to participate usefully by helping out at St. John's Kitchen, Computer Recycling, Queen Street Commons Cafe, or any of our other project.

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