Housing at The Working Centre

At The Working Centre we provide safe, affordable housing for people who are, or who become part of our integrated community of supports.  We strategically work to maintain access to housing as downtown Kitchener gentrifies.  Our housing is home to a wide range of people – those living on a limited income, those building stability in the midst of mental health challenges, refugees, people who have faced persistent homelessness and can’t find housing elsewhere.

For the most part, we house people who are part of our wider Working Centre community:

  • As Out of the Cold closed, we developed housing that responded to the needs of those who were most persistently homeless.
  • When Syrian refugees were looking for housing that supported their families, we opened our spaces to a number of families.
  • As the cost of safe housing for single people rose, we integrated housing in our buildings and in a number of houses, and where we could we included costs of heat and hydro, telephone, and internet in the affordable price for the unit.
  • We join with people in linking them to our integrated community of supports at The Working Centre, walking with people through life changes and the challenges that arise for those living on a limited income.

Our donations site invites donors to help us to steadily increase the number of available safe, affordable, supportive housing units in downtown Kitchener.

Contact Information

For more information about Housing at The Working Centre, please contact us.

Phone: 519-743-1151
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