Water Street House

Our goal is a place of inclusion, welcome, and support for people who use substances. It will be a place of rest, where people can access harm reduction supports, primary health care, and a relationship-based approach to mental health and addiction supports.

There will be 3 beds for police drop-off, 3 beds that align to hospital care for those using injectable drugs unable to stay in hospital for treatment, and 3 respite/rest beds.

The house will offer meals, showers, and a relationship-based model of service for those unable to access mainstream supports. It will have a common space and provide integrated housing/respite opportunities, washrooms, showers, laundry.

There will be space for harm reduction, primary health care, mental health and addictions supports.

Peers with lived experience will be incorporated into the house, along with groups and activities that support healing, such as CBT groups, drum/teaching/sharing circles.

This house is about supporting people facing multiple challenges and responding with multiple strategies for stabilization, support and treatment in a way that makes sense to the person at the time.


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Local Support for the 115 Water Project

We need to look for innovative ways to respond to the challenge of caring for people in the midst of addiction and other human suffering… Grass-roots initiative such as the Water Street House have a high capacity to not only reduce and prevent crime, victimization and fear of crime, but also to increase the well being of many individuals and their community.

-Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council


The Working Centre is taking the lead in addressing a gap in services desperately needed by members of our community struggling with addiction and mental health compounded by homelessness and poverty...this residence will help those in need feel valued and help them thrive. In doing so, our community will be more vibrant, healthy and safe. It is my belief that, together, we will continue to ensure our community is a healthy and safe place to live.

-Bryan M. Larkin, Chief of Police


The Working Centre has a long history of innovative and creative responses to ending homelessness in our community. We are in full support of their proposal for 115 Water Street.

- House of Friendship


These programs and projects at The Water Street House will strengthen the development of community here in the region. It will translate to a healthier way of living that fosters belonging and inclusion for all.

-The Healing of The Seven Generations 


The Working Centre has a strong history of listening and responding to people who are left on the margins, and they have a lot of experience creating effective and sustainable community resources. With this house people will have a place to feel safe, to rest, and to access resources if they so choose in an environment of dignity and care. We feel that it is our responsibility as individuals and as a community to respond to those who are most vulnerable.

- Local citizen and donor to the 115 Water Street project


Through Waterloo Region Crossing, we fundraised over $40,000 for The Working Centre. Their proposed use for these funds is a first-of-its-kind integrated transitional housing and medical facility to serve as a healing residence for those most vulnerable citizens in our community. There is great community support for this project, and our donation will help to accelerate its completion. 

Integrating medical care with housing helps to address issues surrounding homelessness, community inclusion, and healing all under one roof. The 115 Water Street project will be used as an innovative model for how to address some of the most challenging circumstances surrounding homelessness and addiction in our community, and may be implemented as a model in other communities facing similar challenges.

It is with great pride that Waterloo Region Crossing is able to make a significant contribution to a project that will have such a profound impact on the lives of so many of our neighbours.

-Tessa Jennison: Waterloo Region Crossing

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