Fermented Thoughts

Fermented Thoughts is our new forum for imaginative thought on social, economic and ecological issues. Join our guest speakers for discussion over wine and snacks.

2018-2019 Fermented Thoughts events will complement our Weaving Ecology series and feature a slate of speakers and discussions that invite us to expand our ecological imagination, and prod us to act with courage and hope. This series includes:

December 6th | Grand River Water Walk – A Retrospective
February 28th | Ecological Works of Mercy
March 28th | Earthen Vespers
July 31 | The Restoration of Indigenous Cultural Ways
September 27 | Surprised by Enough:  Honouring Nature by Living within Our Limits
December 5 | Affordable Housing Alternatives

* Updated February 20th | Emergence and the Emergency: Deep Trust & the Climate Crisis

For more information:
519.741.1151 x175

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