Mobile Outreach and St. John's Kitchen

St. John's Kitchen and The Working Centre deliver local mobile outreach supports in partnership with other agencies. Mobile outreach workers walk with many of the same people who access place-based supports at St. John’s Kitchen.

While place-based workers at St. John’s Kitchen stay on-site, mobile workers walk with people out in the wider community – building relationships and supporting people as they navigate systems (for example, accompanying people to doctors’ appointments or helping people make arrangements for moving into new housing).

Mobile projects that St. John’s Kitchen and The Working Centre help to deliver include Street Outreach, Streets to Housing Stability, At-Home Outreach, Specialized Outreach Services, and the Psychiatric Outreach Project.

Mobile outreach workers base a lot of unstructured time at St. John’s Kitchen, connecting with the people they walk with, nurturing relationships, and touching base with other workers. For people who gather at St. John’s Kitchen, this co-location of place-based and mobile supports is important – it means that people have access to stable resources, as well as the support of accompaniment as they go about their lives in the wider community.

Place-based and mobile outreach workers weaving through St. John’s Kitchen work together in an Integrated Circle of Care model – click here to learn more.

Contact Information

For more information about Downtown Street Outreach, please contact us.

Phone: 519-743-1151 ext. 101

Downtown Street Outreach is based at St. John's Kitchen, 97a Victoria Street North, second floor.

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