What is the Working Centre?

The Working Centre will work closely with you toward a successful hiring outcome. Located in the heart of downtown Kitchener, we are a non-profit agency which began as a volunteer-based effort to improve peoples’ quality of life and work. We have evolved into a major job search hub which helps people clarify their goals, build on their skills, and find the kind of work that best suits their skills and interests.

Our unique approach to working with job-seekers extends to the way we work with employers. Employment counsellors at The Working Centre work one-on-one with job-seekers. We make employment matches based on labour research, assessment and integrity. The match should benefit the employer and the employee-to-be. Once we’ve made the match, our involvement doesn’t end. We continue to offer support to both parties.

We work with a wide range of individuals and businesses matching people who want to work with employers who need them. We assist a wide range of job seekers including New Canadian professionals, skilled workers, older works, and entry level workers, people facing plant closures and layoffs, people who have faced longer-term unemployment, and those considering work change (including a growing number of people looking for meaningful work). Over half the people we work with are internationally trained individuals including accountants, teachers, engineers, doctors, nurses, lab technicians, dentists, and many other professionals.

Contact Information

For more information about The Working Centre, please contact our reception desk.

Email: employers@theworkingcentre.org
Phone: 519-743-1151 ext. 101

The Job Search Resource Centre is located at 58 Queen Street South, Kitchener.

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