Thirty Second Bio

Often you are given just a short window to tell people about the kind of work you are looking for and what skills you bring to the job.  It might happen in an impromptu phone interview, in the check-out line of the grocery store, or at a family gathering.  It is important to be able to say what you are looking for and what your strengths are in a clear and purposeful way. 

This is not an easy task and it is important to practice – both in formal and informal situations.  You may do great in the phone interview, but then lose your confidence when talking to a family member.  Each person has their own challenges.  You want this summary to sound genuine and to support your goals going forward.  The only way to get comfortable saying this in a range of situations is to practice. 

Invite your friends and family to listen to your 30 second bio as a way to help you get more comfortable.  Even if they tire of hearing your message, they will certainly remember your words and become part of your network – even if it is only to stop you from repeateding your bio again!  All this is to say, don’t be afraid of being a little bit irritating – try to add some humour and make it fun.

A Working Centre Employment Counsellor can help you to develop and practice your bio.  Once you have it developed, practice saying it out loud every time you come together, so that you can get more comfortable delivering your main points.  Call your home phone answering machine and then listen to your bio – does it sound genuine and reflective of the points you are trying to convey to employers and people in your network?

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