Family Outreach Workers

Family Outreach Workers, employed through the Family Outreach Program by House fo Friendship, are committed to supporting families with children 17 years of age and under in Waterloo Region. 

Family Outreach Workers can help with:

  • Employment/Education - Information and Funds
  • Recreation - Activities, Fees, Subsidies
  • Food - When you run short.
  • Clothing - for your family.
  • Shelter - Resources and Information
  • Child Care and Children's Needs - Information and Equipment
  • Counselling - for family or individuals.
  • Transportation - to attend appointments or meetings.

The Family Outreach Program is delivered throughout the region in Community Centres and Neighborhood Associations. See the full list here. Visit or call your local community centre to find out more about the Community Outreach Program in your neighborhood.

The Working Centre can help you access the  Family Outreach Program and workers.  Visit the Money Matters Desk or talk to your employment counsellor for help making this connection.

See further contact details for the Family Outreach Project here.

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