Job Transition for Mature Workers

Many mature workers who walk in our doors already have their career, and plan on sticking with it. They already know and love that job and believe that the job market will help them find the right position.

On the other hand, we see many mature workers who walk in and are less sure about their future. They might be coming from a sector which is facing cuts and they don’t think they will be able to find a similar position. Sometimes they physically can’t continue in a position they’ve done previously. Many others feel that they worked jobs for many years that gave them little satisfaction and they are wanting to transition into something more meaningful for them.

Job transition for mature workers can present several challenges, financial as well as mental – the feeling that there isn’t enough time left in the working life to make a transition. The reality is that people are often retiring later, or not at all, either for financial reasons or simply because they enjoy working and contributing. Whether you decide the time is right for you to make a job transition or not, we will be here to walk with you through your journey.


When one decides that they want to make a job transition, it’s often not obvious what the right job is for them. This process can take time and requires reflection and honesty. You will need to consider your strengths: what do you do well?; what transferable skills do you possess that will help you in other roles? You should also consider what you enjoy: what are you passionate about and how can you find meaning in your work? For example, if you simply love to help people you may be able to find great satisfaction in a customer service role.

You will also need to consider what limitations you may face, such as your physical ability to do a specific job. If your assessment of your skills reveals that training may be needed, time and cost will also be a factor to consider.

There are many factors to weigh when considering job transition. This process requires careful reflection, research, and honesty. It may feel overwhelming making this decision. We recommend that you work with an employment counsellor on this journey. They can also help you to explore training and more intensive job search options. You can also explore the Job Transition section of our website, and below you will find some links to other resources you may find helpful in this journey.

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