People are generally interested in talking about what they do and how they do it. But, don't waste their time or your time -- be prepared! Know your interests, skills, values and how they relate to the career field represented by the persons you're interviewing.


  1. Research the organization you are visiting through their website, newspaper articles, business reports and by talking to people who know the company. Know your own skills and strengths and learn how to promote them effectively (30 second bio).
  2. Arrange the information meeting and keep the time period to about 20 minutes unless being offered a longer time. Confirm location, the correct spelling and position of the person you are meeting.
  3. Prepare your questions ahead of time but allow the conversation to flow naturally.
  4. Honour your time limit. Acknowledge that the time you requested has passed and continue the interview only if the other person suggests it.
  5. At the end of the meeting, ask if there is anyone else they think you can talk to.
  6. Have your resume with you to present if requested.
  7. Follow up your meeting with a thank you letter.
  8. Review the notes you have taken during the information meeting and contact those people that have been suggested to you.
  9. Stay connected with the people who you have met with – maybe ask some follow-up questions a few weeks later.

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