Manufacturing and General Labour

Manufacturing was once the backbone of the local economy, but the manufacturing sector has been severely hit in recent years, with many high-paying manufacturing jobs shutting down. Still, there are many people employed in manufacturing and it will continue to play a role in our job market. Today manufacturing jobs are more competitive and you will need to take steps to ensure you are successful in your job search.

The Waterloo Wellington Workforce Training Board stated in September 2011, "While manufacturing employment has stabilized, it has not recovered like the overall economy and it’s losses have been greater. Assemblers and labourers have traditionally been the two most prominent occupations within manufacturing, and while all occupations have been effected, the lower skilled nature of these positions makes them easier to eliminate through downsizing or automation."

General labour, meanwhile, is a term used to define any physical job. While general labour is sometimes found in manufacturing, general labour work could be done in a number of different sectors or environments, such as construction, landscaping, or cleaning.

It is almost impossible to walk into a manufacturing plant with an application and start work the next day. Job searchers in manufacturing and general labour require a great deal of effort coupled with targeted job search strategies to be successful.

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