WHMIS changed in 2015 to be based on a new Globally Harmonized System.  It is now called WHMIS GHS or it is sometimes referred to as WHMIS 2015.  (The old system of labelling was referred to as WHMIS 1988)

As of  June 1, 2017,  chemical producers have been required to put the new GHS labels on products.  Products with the old WHMIS 1988 standards can continue to be used by employers until November 30, 2018.  After that date, only products with the new WHMIS GHS labels can be used in a work place.

Currently, training is required in WHMIS GHS.  Unfortunately, WHMIS GHS training is no longer available for free and so there is no longer a link to it from our website.  However below is some info that is free and may be of interest.

Free resources that may be of interest:

WHMIS GHS 2015 Fact Sheet (downloadable pdf)

WHMIS GHS 2015 Intro course. This course is for awareness only. A certificate of compliance is not offered after completion of the course.
You must register with your name and info about your anticipated industry to be able to take the course.

WHMIS GHS 2015 pictograms (downloadable pdf)

Difference between WHMIS GHS and WHMIS 1988

Old Training just for WHMIS 1988

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