Job Posting: Fresh Ground – Plant Based Cooking

Employer: The Working Centre
Description: Plant Based Cooking

Are you interested in plant-based foods?  Can you combine cooking while helping others to learn?

Fresh Ground Café is a plant-based whole foods café in downtown Kitchener. At Fresh Ground, plant based eating features prominently in our conversations on ecological restoration. We want to build our ability to teach how plant based foods are not only sustainable but are delicious and a great choice for living more ecologically.  This work is continuing to grow and a new component will be to offer workshops to help people be inspired and adapt to healthy ecological eating.

As our plant-based food preparation grows through our cafe, catering and workshops, we are looking for people who would like to partner with us in this work.  We are looking for ways to make these choices accessible and interesting in a world that loves processed foods! 

Date Posted:
Thu, Aug 22 2019

Job Location:
Fresh Ground - 256 King Street East, Kitchener, ON

How to Apply:
Send your resume describing your relevant experience to  We would be happy to start a conversation together.

Sun, Sep 22 2019

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