Recycle Cycles

Recycle Cycles is a community bike shop where you can get a low cost bike, learn to fix up an old bike or repair your current ride.  Tools and volunteers are available to help you when you get stuck or to help create strategies for how to make better use of your bicycle. 

Click this link for more information on Recycle Cycles.

Community Access Bikeshare

If you don't have a bicycle but are looking to borrow one for a quick errand, an appointment or even overnight, Community Access Bikeshare (CAB) are available for short term loans.  By signing up as a member, you will have access to bikes that are located throughout Kitchener and Waterloo.

Click this link for more information on Community Access Bikeshare.

Bicycle Routes

Once you have access to a bicycle, finding a good cycling route is often a challenge.  You may not feel comfortable riding on main roads, but there are often other ways to travel - through parks, trails, side roads and neighbourhoods.  Often you will need to create a combination of options.  Sometimes it is helpful to keep a map on you are all times so you can plan your route as you cycle.

The City of Kitchener provides a map online and at any Kitchener Community Centre and City Hall. YOu mightlso considr the GRT bus map - it highlights walking and cycling trails.  These maps are available at the bus station and are updated every year.  The Working Centre also has these maps posted in our Resource Centre.  Keep one of these in your bag as you are biking as a way to re-plan your route if you are not comfortable on a specific street.

Waterloo Region has a number of lovely trails that can be enjoyed for a leisurely ride or as an avenue to get someplace.  Check out the links below for maps and information on some of the main trails. 

Google Maps is another helpful resource for planning a route.  If you are worried about what the street terrain is, use Google Street View to see if the street is one you are comfortable with.  Also, when you plan a trip on Google Maps, you can select bicycling as a mode of transport and it will select the most appropiate roads and trails for biking.  

Bus N'Bike

If you are hoping to bike, but the route feels too long or the street is too busy, Grand River Transit offers the possibility of Bus N'Bike.  There are now bike racks on all GRT buses. Pop your bike on the front of the bus, head to the neighbourhood you’re headed to, then hop off the bus and cycle to your destination.

Bicycle Confidence and Safety

There are many people who are hesitant to make the transition to cycling as a means of transportation because they don’t feel comfortable riding in traffic. This is a very real concern. Below you will find some links on bicycle confidence and safety. Riding confidently, with a helmet, and following the rules of the road, you can drastically improve your safety level while cycling.

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