Keeping Organized

Understanding how you keep organized (or not) in other tasks is very important.  Do you record everything on a calendar in your kitchen?  Do you make yourself notes that you quickly forget and then feel bad that you haven’t followed things?  Do you set up a terrific system to keep yourself organized and then follow each step (or not follow any of them)?  Do you maintain your record keeping meticulously but then forget to get out and meet people?  Maybe you need a nice Excel sheet – you might be able to use Excel, but are not able to set up a worksheet.  Knowing your habits is the first step.

A Working Centre Employment Counsellor can help you to walk through a system that might work for you.  This system has to be based on something you can maintain.  If what you have been trying is not working for you, you could spend an entire hour of conversation with an Employment Counsellor talking about how you get stuck.  This is important work – without some kind of tracking or organizing of your job search, you can quickly lose the feeling of momentum and get stuck.

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