Resources for Landlords at TWC

What is The Working Centre?

The Working Centre will work with you in connecting tenants looking for a space to live to the units you have available. Located in the heart of downtown Kitchener, we are a non-profit agency which began as a volunteer-based effort to improve peoples’ quality of life and work. We have evolved into a dynamic community resource—offering a variety of Community Tools Projects, links to employment, affordable Integrated Housing Supports, as well as a variety of community spaces which offer practical ways of connecting, engaging, and contributing.

Here at The Working Centre, we work with a wide variety of both tenants seeking housing and landlords offering housing. The people we see through our housing desk range from New Canadians who have recently moved, to those taking steps toward financial stability, those experiencing homelessness due to job loss and financial hardship, as well as those just looking to find something different and more affordable than their current location—each individual is unique in what they are looking for as home. 

Our approach to working with landlords is the same as our approach to working with others in our community—our hope is to work together to best support you in your needs, in the context of housing being important.  

Please fee free to get in touch with us to chat more about how you might connect and work together as a landlord in the community. 

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