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Laurier School in the Community: A2U

*The A2U program is currently accepting application for fall 2018.

The A2U program is currently accepting application for fall 2018.The A2U (access-to-university) program is a new collaborative project between The Working Centre and Wilfrid Laurier University. This program is specifically designed for non-traditional students including: first-generation students, New Canadians, Aboriginal people, older workers, people living on limited income, and people who face other barriers to entering university.

The A2U program provides introductory university courses specifically designed to enhance critical learning skills while supporting non-traditional learners and promoting social inclusion.  The program is comprised of a preparatory phase, and five university courses offered over a two-year period.  The preparatory phase and the first university course will be offered in The Working Centre spaces in downtown Kitchener, with supported transition to Laurier’s Waterloo campus for the following courses.

Along with providing access to university courses, the A2U program also supports participants to:

  • Build relationships
  • Develop confidence
  • Establish academic direction
  • Learn skills for navigating university education


Preparatory Phase:

This phase is designed to bridge some of the gaps that have left people out of a university education by offering crucial financial, education, career and lifestyle supports. Candidates for A2U will develop an understanding of the expectations of a university curriculum and make informed choices for university success. This phase also offers university-level workshops hosted by Laurier on writing and research skills necessary for pursuing a university education.

The preparatory phase includes a weekly learning circle for participants to learn from and support each other as they prepare to navigate the world of university education.

University Courses:

The A2U courses are specifically designed for-credit university courses that are taught by Wilfrid Laurier University faculty.  The first course is offered in downtown Kitchener during the winter term, with the second course transitioning to the university in a supported way.    The A2U program is pleased to have the Lyle S Hallman Foundation as a funding partner, providing some financial supports for students.  

The courses are designed to be an introduction to university education and to help people discern whether university is the right path for them. Upon successful completion of the A2U program, students will be eligible to continue their post-secondary education, and will also have developed skills and confidence that can open up further opportunities.


For more information, please call The Working Centre at 519-743-1151

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