Your resume is a living document that should change for different purposes, similar to the idea of packing a suitcase for different kinds of trips.

Your resume heads in the direction of “where you are going” more than “where you have been”.

Your resume will help you more if you have been closely involved in its development.  The hard work you put in now will show when you are in a job interview.

Yana Parker’s Five Characteristics of a Good Resume

  1. A good resume is a marketing tool – not a personal document. Its primary purpose is to help land a job interview.
  2. A good resume is about the job hunter – not about the job hunter’s work history.
  3. A good resume focuses on the future – not on the past.
  4. A good resume focuses on achievements or accomplishments - not on job descriptions.
  5. A good resume documents and prioritizes skills the job hunter enjoys using – not abilities they used in the past just because they had to.

 This section of the website builds on Yana Parker’s work on resumes.

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