Staying Organized

There are two main reasons to stay organized in your job search.  One reason is that a strategic job search only works if you keep careful records and follow through with each person in your network.  Secondly, staying organized helps you to feel motivated and provides structure to days that seem to be endless and unsuccessful.  Both reasons are equally important.  If you are an organized person, this is not so daunting, but if you are someone who holds onto details less easily, this is a big task. 

 A Working Centre Employment Counsellor can help you to stay organized. Weekly meetings or emails can help to lay out the tasks you hope to accomplish each week.  The record of this commitment then acts as a reminder of what you were trying to do.  A system like this is not designed to make you feel guilty, but to offer structure to days that are not structured by employment.  If you are continually getting stuck and not accomplishing tasks, the conversation can be changed to think about ways to keep motivated, to re-examine goals, to add regular social or physical activities to your day, or to find some supportive personal counselling during this time of transition.  We know that how you feel and what you do are often closely tied together.  Sometimes you might need a rest, and sometimes you might need a push.  Unemployment and looking for a job are not easy tasks.

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