The Parole Board of Canada (PBC) is the Federal institution that processes all applications for Record Suspensions (formerly 'Pardons') in Canada.  You may apply for a Record Suspension if you have completed all of your sentence(s) and waited a certain period (waiting time vary from 5-10 years depending on the nature of the offence) after the completion of all sentences. Click here to see changes to eligbility under Bill C-10.

Applying for and receiving a Record Suspension can positively affect your job search and influence the overall quality of your life; we recommend applying for a Record Suspensionas soon as you are eligible.

Third Party Advocates:

The PBC has been very clear in their messaging that you do not need a lawyer or third party advocate to apply for a Record Suspension. All of the forms and instructions you need are available on their website (see links below). Some companies make a living helping people apply for Record Suspensions - for a flat rate they will guide you through the application process.  These same companies may advertise that they can help speed up the process if you apply through them.  This is not the case.  The Parole Board of Canada treats all applications equally and does not attach special significance or accelerate the review of any application. Click to view the PBC's Fraud Alert on the subject.

If you need help navigating the Record Suspension process, we are willing to help.  Please see the contact information below to set up an appointment at The Working Centre.


The current processing cost for a Record Suspension is $631.

The $631 only covers the processing fee at The National Parole Board.  There are other costs associated with certain steps in the application process. When gathering materials for the pardons package, you will need to interact with courts, local police, and the RCMP.  Each institution may charge you for their services, for example: it costs $30 to get fingerprinted at Waterloo Regional Police Headquarters on Maple Grove Road in Cambridge, Ontario (see link below).

Contact Information

For more information about Pardons, please contact Reception.

Phone: 519-743-1151

The Resource Centre is located at 58 Queen Street South in Kitchener, Ontario.

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